An Interview with Jamie Wyeth

Courtesy of Museum of Fine Art, Boston

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Jamie Wyeth in the News

Monhegan museum receives gift of $1 million from Wyeth Foundation

The challenge grant from one of the art haven's most celebrated painters and his wife will be used to fund an endowment and is part of a larger fundraising campaign.

For going on two centuries, Monhegan Island off midcoast Maine has attracted artists who are drawn by the steep cliffs, the fog in the pines and the island’s time-stopping character. Jamie Wyeth, one of Monhegan’s most famous painters, wants to ensure the island’s museum remains up to the task of showing and caring for the art produced by island artists past and present.

Article and photo courtesy of Portland Press Herald - read full article

Farnsworth Art Museum - June 8, 2019 – October 28, 2019

Exhibition - Jamie Wyeth: Untoward Occurrences and Other Things

This exhibition focuses on recent paintings by Jamie Wyeth done between 2010 and 2017. Its title is taken from a series of eleven paintings he did in 2013-2017 that depict scenes on Monhegan Island, some real and some imagined. In the seven works from the series included in the exhibition, three show Rockwell Kent, the early twentieth century American painter whose work Jamie greatly admires. Kent summered on Monhegan for several years and even spent a winter there, and Jamie has a studio in a house Kent built there for his mother.   read full article >>